Multi-cuisine restaurant Nirvana launched in Guwahati

“Wow, this is where I would like to bring my parents!”, this was the exact thought that ran through my mind when I entered Nirvana a week ago. Frankly, when I got the invitation to the launch of the upcoming dining joint, I had expected nothing new.

I was ready to be welcomed by a themed food joint, crowded with youngsters enjoying palatable food with the background score of psychedelic music and a pool of sense numbing spirit. Instead, I found a friendly eatery filled with people who were consumed in conversation, laughter and the aroma of great food. For a change, Nirvana was able to bring back the old excitement connected with dining out, where family space played a major role.

Today, Guwahati offers a lot of exquisite choices to the youth for spending a spectacular evening. But somehow, not all the places offers the perfect milieu which could suit the Indian family gathering scene. In this, Nirvana scores a definite point. The multi-cuisine restaurant Nirvana was launched on 27th November, though a soft launch was already made a month back. Located at a prime property opposite to Rajiv Bhawan in ABC on GS Road, this place boasts of an exquisite South Indian Menu alongside North Indian and an Oriental menu. 

Talking to the team of TWG, the owner Mr. Gopalan Venkatachalam, an engineer hailing from Chennai shared his thoughts in these words “I wanted to share the authentic taste of South Indian dishes, few of the items included in the menu are derived from my wife’s kitchen and dishes that she cooks at home”. We were urged to sample the Chicken dosa and Kesari bhat, the recipe of which was inspired by Mrs. Venkatachalam’s own cookbook.

As if the very idea of trying the gourmet recipe was not enough, my interest was further capture by the very soothing music playing in the background. The mood of the place was enhanced by the live music that was played to entertain the guests. From the romantic Bollywood number of 80’s to Gazal and then a rendition of Papon’s latest hits, the music simply fine-tuned the tempo of the place. All I had to do was to shift my gaze across the table to see music enthusiasts keenly nodding their head, quietly humming or simply absorbing the melodies while they consumed the feast plated on the table. The food kept coming, the drinks were served and the music enhanced the ceremonious mood of the hour.

Now, it was my turn to study the décor as well. Keeping with the clientele that the restaurant promises to serve, the scheme and design have been kept bright, welcoming and open.  Nirvana is not about cozy, personal space rather it is all about the celebration of life with one and many. This was quite visible at the launch where I could pass a friendly smile to the who’s who of the city and move across the table to say hi!  Coming to the staff, I must add they were a courteous bunch, taking care of smallest needs of guests and conversing actively throughout.

Nirvana will soon come up with the Bar section which promises a range of beverages for the cocktail & mocktail lovers. Mr. Gopalan Venkatachalam, further shared, “Good food is that elixir of life that makes everything around so blissful and brightens our mood. We at Nirvana are focused on serving you with the best of everything and look forward to making your time with us a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Hence, the name Nirvana.” 

With more and more food joints springing up in the city, this place looks promising and the quality seems uncompromised. A must visit for people who have a knack for good food and are looking for a quiet, blissful evening!

Words: Chandra Goswami


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