Local Kung Fu 2 seeks crowd funding for completion, aims to release in April

Guwahati, March 16, 2017: Bonzo’s back! “Hobo de...”After the grand success of Assamese cult classic Local Kung Fu, the makers are ready with the sequel of the film –Local Kung Fu 2.

Local Kung Fu, released in 2013, became a pop culture phenomenon in the Northeast as the dialogues still find their way into regular conversations. “A hotel boy in Bamunimaidam told me once that even people in his village in Bihar have seen it,” says Bibhash Sinha.

With Local Kung Fu 2, director Kenny Basumatary has adapted William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors for the silver screen. To be released in April this year, the film has been shot in both Assamese and Hindi and is currently in the final stages of post-production. Interestingly, Local Kung Fu 2 will be the first ever sequel in Assamese cinema.

To fund the post-production, Kenny Basumatary has now started a crowd-funding campaign. Hosted by WishBerry.in (https://www.wishberry.in/campaign/local-kung-fu-2), the campaign aims to collect Rs 8 lakh for colour grading, music, dubbing and sound. “It costs a lot of money to properly make and release a film, and none of us is super-rich, which is why we are looking for funds,” says Utkal Hazowary who played Dulu da in the first Local Kung Fu.

The team has finished shooting of the film with a keen eye on costs. “Like the first film under the banner, this will also be a DIY (do-it-yourself) film, with all the talent-based work been taken care of within the team itself. Because of that the film could be completed at a relatively low cost. Even the full-frame camera came to us without any cost. Now, having finished shooting its sequel within a shoe-string budget, we are now depending on the crowd-funding campaign for the successful release of the film”, said producer Durlov Baruah.

The campaignhas picked pace and already collected Rs 2.86 lakhs from 139 backers.Interestingly, if the target of Rs 8 lakh isn’t achieved, all the money will bereturned to the backers. “If that happens, we will be back at the same place asnow, and we’ll probably have to postpone the release to August-September atleast,” said director Kenny Basumatary.

Crowdfundingis relatively new in India. The basic concept is to collect small amounts ofmoney from many people instead of huge amounts from a few people. For example,if 800 people contribute Rs 1,000 each, then the Rs 8 lakh target is met.Depending on the amount contributed (anything from Rs 500 to Rs 1 lakh), thefilmmakers will offer various rewards and incentiveswhich includes the film’ssongs, posters, behind the scenes footage, invitation to the premiere, name inthe end credits etc. Noted filmmaker Bhaskar Hazarika’s Kothanodi was aninstance of a successful crowdfunding campaign which raised Rs 21 lakhs.

Commentingon Local Kung Fu, noted actor Adil Hussain said, “I saw the film and ended uplaughing all night.” Singer and actor Meiyang Chang described the film as“absolute fun”.

Kenny hasbeen working as an actor and director in Mumbai for several years. He has actedin Bollywood movie Mary Kom and Shanghai, and will soon be seen in TigmanshuDhulia’s next film. He has directed two short films for Edumedia’s Schoolcinema program, one of which has won awards at two international children’sfilm festivals in the US. He has also directed episodes of various TV showslike Confessions of an Indian Teenager, Sun Yaar Try Maar and Saavdhan India.

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