Local Kung Fu 2 now available online on MovieSaints.com

Guwahati; May 11, 2017: After running housefull shows throughout Assam, Local Kung Fu 2 released online on MovieSaints.com on May 12 for paid viewing. The sequel of the Assamese cult classic Local Kung Fu will further be re-released across many theatres in Assam on May 26.

The filmwill be available on MovieSaints.com for paid viewership starting at Rs150.  Local Kung Fu 2 opened to housefull shows in many theatres acrossAssam, but was later taken down from the theatres as a major Bahubali 2 wasreleased a week later. 

Speaking onthe occasion, Director-Producer Kenny Basumatary said, "Iam very thankful to the people who took out the time and money to watch LocalKung Fu 2 in theatres. We are also looking at re-releasing the film in Assam on May26th, and doing weekend shows in the metro cities on June 10-11 orJune 17-18." 

MovieSaintsis a curated website for watching independent films from around the world. Theunique thing about MovieSaints is that the platform allows a refund if a viewerdoes not like the film, but there is a small non-refundable fee if the viewerwatches beyond ten minutes. There is also an option of contributing extra tosupport the creators of the film. 

Speaking onthe availability of Local kung Fu 2 on their platform, NiveditaSiddharthan, Co-Founder of MovieSaints, said, “MovieSaints is proudto be distributing Local Kung Fu 2 online. It's such an original and refreshingfilm that has been produced completely independently and we think it has thepotential to reach a wide audience around the world. MovieSaints is a platformfor such films and for filmmakers like Kenny.” MovieSaints had earlier tied upwith Assamese film Kothanodi for such paid viewership. 

Kenny DeoriBasumatary informed on Thursday that backers who contributed Rs. 1000 or moreduring the crowdfunding campaign of the Local Kung Fu 2 on Wishberry.com, willreceive special free viewership links to watch the film on MovieSaints.Interestingly, the film was completed with a very successful crowdfundingcampaign that raised more than Rs 8 lakhs. 

Local KungFu 2 opened to a thunderous response across Assam on Wednesday, April 19. Basedon William Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, the film can easily claim the spotfor most awaited Assamese film of the year with shows being pre-booked onlineto nearly housefull capacity at different theatres. 

The comedyfilm is about two pairs of twins who get separated at birth. One pair of twinsstays in Guwahati and the other stays in Tezpur. The pair in Guwahati knowmartial arts, but the pair in Tezpur don’t. After a series of events, the pairfrom Guwahati ends up in Tezpur, and that is when the confusion begins. 

Kenny DeoriBasumatary and Utkal Hazowary are seen playing the key roles in the film. Thecast of the film also includes Sarmistha Chakravorty, Eepsita Hazarika, BonnyDeori, Tony Deori Basumatary, Bibhash Singha, Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika, YashrajJadhav, Montu Deori and Amar Singh Deori. The Associate Producers of the filmare Advent Films and Marquish Basumatary, while Durlov Baruah is the Executive Producer.The story has been written and directed by Kenny Basumatary, and has beenproduced jointly by BP Deori and Kenny Basumatary. The cinematography has beendone by Suruj Deka, coloured by Dhruva J. Bordoloi, and the music of the filmhas been prepared by Tony-Derrick-Utkarsh. The film has 8 songs in variousflavours.

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