Keva launches Chaga Capsules

Guwahati; January 5, 2017: Keva Industries, one of the most trusted brand name & a conglomerate in Healthcare sector in India, recently announced the launch of a new product, Keva Chaga during a grand seminar held at Pragjyotika (ITA) Machkhowa, Guwahati. The announcement was made by Chief Executive Officer of the company, Dr. Karan Goel. The CFO of the company, Mr. Varun Goel was also present at the event.

As per numerous studies around the world, Chaga is anAdaptogenic herb, loaded with immune system modulator and antioxidantproperties. Siberian Chaga contains a wide range of important activeconstituents including polysaccharides, phenolic compounds and melanin, apigment that is present and needed throughout the human body, with a wide rangeof health benefits. Chaga is a rich source of Beta-glucans which has strongimmune balancing properties, can enhance the body’s ability to produce naturalkiller (NK) cells.

Talking about the new Keva Chaga Capsules, CEO of KevaIndustries, Mr. Karan Goel said, “At the cellular level, Chaga has been shownto support the response to oxidative molecules that may cause human DNA damageif not quenched. Chaga is also a rich source of the trace element zinc. Zinc isan essential nutrient required for cell growth, differentiation and survival.Its deficiency may result in immunodeficiency and many other health problems.”

“Our Chaga is collected from pollution free environment ofFinland to formulate the highest quality product. Chaga is extracted usingultra-modern technology to preserve the complete active constituent profile.Organic wild oregano is added for synergistic effect,” he added.

Health Benefits of Chaga:

• Support Immune System

• Normalize Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels

• Loaded with Antimicrobial, Antiviral Activity

• DNA Damage Protection

• Promote overall health and longevity

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