Victory certain, says RV Devaraj

RV Devaraj, the Congress candidate from Chickpet constituency is not suffering any electoral pangs, even though elections are barely a month away. That sums up his confidence that the people would back him and he is not even prepared to harbor any doubts on this score whatsoever. On his election campaign trail, Devraj says he is overwhelmed by the positive response he is getting from the people of his constituency, and credits this to the unstinted support he is getting from all the Ward-level leaders and party activists. In particular, he mentions areas like Pump House, Gulbarga Slums, Gundappa Layout, Krishnappa Garden and surroundings. The people are boycotting the candidates from the opposing JD(S) and BJP and their party workers as they are well taken care of by their proactive Corporator Smt Gangambike Mallikarjun with guidance from her husband B. Mallikarjan, Devraj points out. The people?s grievances are resolved proactively in time unlike the area MLA who is hardly to be seen and is not accessible to the people, he claims. Speaking to TWB RVD said that people are fed up with the previous MLA?s lethargic attitude and therefore they were thirsting for a change. After five years of BJP rule and earlier the JD(S), they have now realized that Congress is the only viable option as far as the poor masses were concerned. Youths from minority and other backward community in Chickpet constituency are voluntarily coming forward to support the Congress, he said, adding that in his interaction with the common people, he discovered that there was a strong feeling that if a Muslim decides to make friendship or associate with someone he would never ditch him, whether the friend was a Hindu, Muslim or Christian. That was how they were and it was a well recognized fact, he said. Devraj assured the voters that if Congress was elected to power, there would not be any problem in getting funds for development. He recalled that during SM Krishna?s regime Karnataka had witnessed major transformation in development and he was declared as the number one Chief Minister. Bangalore had witnessed a boom in IT industry which gave thousands of people jobs to people across the country. He appealed to all voters to bring back Congress to state to see overall development. In his Ugadi message to the people Devraj urged the people not to forget the misdeeds of the JD(S) and the BJP when they were ruling, and also not to forget that whatever major infrastructure works had taken place in Karnataka was because of funding by the UPA government for Metro Rail, Flyovers, Multi-storeyed Flats for slum dwellers, etc.

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