Tupperware Brings Water the Way It Should Be

Unique TupperSure Water Filter Poised to Rid Household Water of Bacteria and Impurities

?The TupperSure Water Filter incorporates a three layer water filtration process which removes visible contaminants, chlorine, bacteria and viruses, making it safe for consumption, even in the absence of running water

?Priced at Rs.3, 200/-, the TupperSure Water Filter is made of food-grade virgin plastic and embodies Tupperware?s qualities of freshness and hygiene?

New Delhi: June 17, 2013: Tupperware, the leader in innovative and branded food storage, preparation and serving products, proudly announces the launch of TupperSure Water Filter. Adding to Tupperware?s superior quality water range, the new offering is a perfect answer to the need of hygienic and clean drinking water.

With the ever increasing water concerns in the country such as shortage of supply, contamination and spread of water-borne diseases; there is a need for a one stop solution to filter and store water.? TupperSure is India?s first gravity fed water filter to achieve a WQA Gold SealCertification. Its filtration system eliminates 99.99% viruses and 99.9999% bacteria to provide safe and hygienic drinking water. Added to that, its dispenser too is made of the finest food grade quality plastic that brand Tupperware is well known for. Compared to heavy and bulky electric water filters that need electricity and running water, TupperSure is a light and hassle free solution for water filtration.

Asha Gupta, MD, Tupperware India says, ?TupperSure is first-in-its-class non-electric water filter which will be an investment for every household, office, school, hospitals and every setup with a clean, healthy drinking water requirement. Given the Indian conditions where a continuous supply of electricity and running water is a concern, this product that provides safe drinking water can be a great asset to own. This addition will take Tupperware?s water range to another level. Currently the water range includes great products like Aquasafe bottles, Water Dispensers, Tumblers and EzyCool Jugs. With this product we will complete our water story by providing an ingenious solution that filters as well as stores water?

The product has a unique customized cartridge that incorporates HaloPure? technology designed by HaloSource, which is a USA based Clean Water Technology Company.? Tupperware partnered with HaloSource for a year to develop an exclusive cartridge for TupperSure, which reduces waterborne viruses and bacteria.

TupperSure is equipped with unique auto-shutoff system. It gives a red indication once the cartridge begins to reach the end of its life cycle. If the cartridge is not replaced after it expires, the auto shutoff system blocks the flow of water through the cartridge. This ensures that the user never consumes water after the cartridge has lost its ability to filter watereffectively.

The TupperSure Water Filter features a three layer water filtration process wherein:

  • In the First Stage: The unfiltered stored water in the upper Chamber flows through the non-woven pre-filter. This process reduces visible contaminants in the inlet water and removes suspended impurities.
  • In the Second Stage: After the pre filter process, clean water runs through the first chamber of the cartridge which contains granulated carbon. This removes dissolved organic impurities, bad taste, chlorine and foul odor from the water
  • In the Third Stage: Treated water runs through the second chamber of the cartridge which contains TupperSure HaloPure? media. At this stage Bromine disinfection is carried out to disinfect water from bacterial and viruses. This procedure reduces bacteria and viruses in the water that cause water borne diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, etc.

Post the three-stage process, filtered water is collected in the bottom container and is ready for consumption. TupperSure has a distinct advantage. It restricts the growth of biofilm in the water container.? Biofilm is a layer of micro-organisms. It forms in stored water even after purification. It also acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. The technology used in TupperSure inhibits the growth of biofilm ensuring the filtered water is safe when stored, unlike other water filters.

The Tupperware TupperSure Water Filter has a cartridge life of 1500 litres ensuring longevity. Its tap flow system helps in monitoring water flow. With a total capacity of 18 litres and a dispenser capacity of 8 litres, TupperSure ensures that the user has an adequate supply of filtered and clean drinking water ready for consumption.

Priced at Rs.3,200/-, the Tupperware TupperSure Water Filter comes with a lifetime guarantee on Tupperware Plastic parts and service assurance.

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