Tik Tok Bakehouse- Making The Edible Incredible

IMG_20160605_200432Guwahati is a fast paced city with changing hues and when it comes to the youth they are always eager to try something new. Especially the food enthusiasts, they always like to experiment with new cuisines. In all our parties or weekend hangouts or celebrations, we see that our dear ones are always keen to customize their celebratory goodies in the form of cakes, gifts, etc. The personal touch attached to these things can never go out of trend and Tik Tok Bakehouse has become the first choice of all, especially when they feel the need to celebrate with mouthwatering bakes. Tik Tok Bakehouse was the brainchild of three young Food entrepreneurs Anubha Goswami who is the Founder, Operations and IMG-20160609-WA0018Human Resource Chief; Bibhash Bormedhi who is the Co-Founder, Technical and Procurement Division Head along with Ankita Kakaty who is also a Co-Founder, Marketing and Promotions Head. Summing up their journey Ankita Kakaty said ?we wanted to have a name which clicks to the consumer in a vibrant way. So three of our partners (who happened to be classmates) we sat and tried to find all the possible names for the bakery, but sigh we didn't come to a conclusion per say. Few names were too short and few were already take. So, finally we came to the consensus that the title of our venture should be something which is relatable to the goals we serve, like on time delivery, satisfied customer, delectable healthy bakes; and these were all clubbed in a word 'Tik Tok' ? as the clock goes tik tok and we are all ready to deliver our clients on time round the clock . So Tik Tok Bakehouse it was!!!!!? Redefining bakes in all new way is their prime mantra. Tik Tok Bakehouse offers you bakes of your choice the way you like. So get into the world of Tik Tok Bakes IMG-20160610-WA0017to relish the handmade delights anytime, anywhere. The bakery is yet in its nascent stage but has been getting good support from all the food lovers across the city. They are working hard to deliver their clients all the mouth smacking bakes to tickle their taste buds all the more. Tik Tok Bakehouse delivers sweet and savoury items for events like wedding, birthdays, social events, corporate parties, get-togethers etc. giving all your occasions the perfect customized touch. They offer a healthy range of confectioners making the edible incredible.

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