?"In every man there is something of which I may learn of him, and in that he is my teacher."

DSCF1758 DSCF1771 DSCF1778The young and vibrant students of St. Anthony's School, North Guwahati were full of joy of jubilation as the great day was nearing. Lot of preparations went on with meticulous planning as every student felt the need to express his/her gratitude to the TEACHERS who play a vital role in moulding and shaping their future with special love and care.

The day began with the wishing of the class teachers with cards, gifts and flowers with whom the children have a?greater affinity. After which they went around wishing the rest of the teachers to express their heartfelt gratitude for being their educators. Around?9.30 amthe entire school gathered in front of the stage for a Teacher's day special programme.?It was such an entertaining programme whereby the youngest?to the eldest?student were on stage to exhibit their talents? by way of songs, dances, speeches and skits. The audience were spell bound by their performance specially from the Lower class children and the amount of cheer lavished on the performance of the little ones needs a special mention. After the programme the children dispersed to their homes with smiles and joy of having done something worthwhile for the dedication of their teachers. Then the management conducted a short gathering for the teachers in the staff room in which Frs. Tomy, Tony and Manoj distributed token gifts to all the teaching and Non-teaching staff and appreciated them for their service and wished them to become better teachers.

Thus the young Anthonians made the day memorable for all the TEACHERS of our school.

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