Suspense ends in Jayanagar: Congress pitches for Venugopal

Finally, the Congress has resolved the suspense in Jayanagar. It almost took 20 days to announce a candidate in Jayanagar since there were many aspirants and finally MC Venugopal managed to win over the High command with the close network he had with Dr. K. Parmeshwar, KPCC President.

After filling his nomination Venugopal spoke to TWB and said that for the past 8 years it has been a testing time for the people of Karnataka. It has been a period marked by political uncertainty, corruption communalism, scams and instability. Strange alliances had been formed between rival parties and then broken. The state?s elected representatives have openly traded in the name of Operation Kamala. The state?s precious resources have been sold off dirt cheap in the mining scam. Attacks against women, youth and minorities have become the order of the day. Several serving ministers, the Chief Minister?included, have been sent to jail. In one shameful instance, elected representatives were caught?on camera watching obscene videos right in the assembly. Just 4 years has seen 3 Chief Ministers come and go, Venugopal said, taking on the BJP head on.

The Congress candidate said in all this, Bangalore city has suffered seriously, Precious land has been encroached by those in power and their middle men. Several prominent government buildings, including the Jayanagar Shopping complex have been pledged to private business by the BJP government. Under the leadership of Shri SM Krishna, Bangalore was once called the capital of among Technology and Biotechnology in India. Toady this Garden City has been derisively called a Garbage City. It has been listed among the most corrupt cities in India. And this has been the grand achievement of the BJP misrule.

Making a strong pitch for his party, Venugopal said Karnataka deserved better. There was a time when honest, secular and visionary leaders led the state. It is time to put Karnataka back on track. We need a government that is responsible and stable. We need a government that is youthful and forward looking. In the recent elections to the local bodies, people have shown their anger against the ruling party. It is the time for positive change, and only Congress is in a position to deliver this, he said.

The Congress party under the guidance of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Dr. Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi has shown that it is the party of the future. ?I have been serving Congress from the bottom of my heart to realize this dream of making Bangalore a truly world class city. The Congress party has chosen young and fresh candidates to shape the city?s future. That was why I was selected to contest from Jayanagar assembly constituency,? he said.

MC Venugopal is a science graduate and born to a modest family from one of the most backward communities in Karnataka. He joined Congress during his college days and worked his way up the rank and file. As a General Secretary of NSUI and Youth Congress, he has organized several medical camps, student conventions and blood donation camps across the state. As director of the Gramin Bank he motivated the bank to open new branches in various rural areas and districts to help the framers to secure loans for agriculture and other income generating activities. Presently he is Executive Committee Member KPCC, President, OBC Department, Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee. ?Also as chairman of the sports authority of Karnataka he had organized several activities across the state including championships in Kabadi and Volleyball tournaments.

His vision for Jayanagar if elected is to ensure free traffic congestion, greener and well developed parks, efficient disposal of garbage?s, maintenance of roads and footpaths, faster processing of civic complaints, efficient security system for all its citizens, transparency and openness in administration, treat voter as equally without any discrimination. He appealed to all the voters to elect Congress to see over all development, as Congress is the only party which is pro people and poor. The party is poised to make a comeback in State as well in Centre and so people have to join hands to strengthen Congress, he said, adding that BJP coming to power in Karnataka is history.

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