Star Singer Fame Manoj Vasishta cuts debut audio album Tatva

[caption id="attachment_22735" align="alignleft" width="150"]Manoj Vasishta Manoj Vasishta[/caption] Bangalore- 2013: Indian classical music with a contemporary touch: Hum to this divine amalgam in Manoj Vasishta's debut audio album Tatva. Tatva, for the uninitiated, is the eternal poetry of the saints, unbounded by caste, color, time, space, and genre. The newly released album comprises music by the famous Tatva is garland of saint poetry written ages ago, yet relevant today, Philosophy beyond caste, color and time, presented across space, sound and genre.? Original Music Score by Praveen D. Rao and produced by Manas Audio newly launched by Praveen D. Rao and Manoj Vasishta.? The album was well packaged by? renowned and well known musicians viz. Ustad Faiyaz khan with Saarangi, N.S. Prasad - Mandolin, Shruthi Kamath - Sitar, Srinivas Achar - Lead Guitar, Caleb - Bass Guitar, Varijashree Venugopal - Flute, Gurumurthy Vaidya - Tabla, Pramath Kiran - Percussion scape, Sathyamurthy - Dholak, and backed by vocalists group of Antardhwani.? The audio was released on Janasri Channel and in the presence of legendary Carnatic classical musician Ganakalabhushana Vid. R. K. Padmanabha, renowned lyricist Prof. H.S. Venkatesh Murthy and Sri BKS Verma, well known artist. Paying kudos to Manoj Vasishta, Shri Venkatesh Murthy complimented his voice as addictive and said that the dignity of Carnatic classical and the energy of C. Ashwath voice lies imbued in it. Vid. RK Padmanabha said the album is embellished richly by music from Praveen Rao who had skillfully blended western with Indian classical style. The album comprises 7 tracks of Haridaasas and saints in Kannada by Manoj Vasishta and is priced at only Rs. 99/-. Part of the proceeds of its sales will go to the Heart and Soul Foundation. Recently, the album was recognised in the Freedom Radio Awards of Radio City. Manoj acknowledged that winning a nomination on debut was due recognition and an achievement for which he expressed his grateful thanks to the whole and soul of the album, guru Praveen Rao. There are also plans to release yet another album under Manas Audio called Kaayo Yenna... Gopala, by Varijashree ? Manoj revealed. Recently he had tried his luck in a Sandalwood film called Sandalwood Sa Ri Ga Ma a solo performance which came out well. When asked about his future plans Manoj stated that his interests lie more in Carnatic classical and Sufi songs, and not film songs. Manoj began learning music from the age of 4 in Tumkur, from past 10 years under the guidance of his guru Ganakala Bhushana Shri? RK Padmanabha. An MBA, 25-year-old Manoj wants to pursue his passion for music as a professional. Manoj was the first Runners up in the Confident Star Singer Season -1 and garnered the highest votes till the finals from the both the audience and the judges. This spurred him to come up with his own album. Thus did the idea of starting Manas Audio spring up as an initiative to reach out to informed music lovers. Manoj is saddened by the fact of domestic piracy and ease of transferring the songs from the Internet to offline media. Following on the guidance of his guru Praveen, Manoj, through is album, intends to reach out the relevant music to relevant people at relevant occasions, through even door to door campaigning and at cultural gatherings. Priced affordably at Rs 99, he feels it will be readily acceptable. The album is already getting a good response and is available at some of the leading Music stores and soon it will be available at all stores. Manas Audio is also scouting for young talented artists, said Manoj. Interested can visit, Or write to:

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