Stand up and Vote for Child Rights asserts Superstar Suriya

[caption id="attachment_24906" align="alignleft" width="300"]Actor Surya with the CRY chennai team to support the vote for child rights campaign Actor Surya with the CRY chennai team to support the vote for child rights campaign[/caption] Bangalore?Superstar Suriya, the first Tamil actor who signed up for Child Rights and You (CRY)?s Vote for Child Rights campaign has urged the youth of the country emulate and take the pledge. The actor said, ?Your valuable vote can change the destiny of 430 million children and our country?s future! It is high time we prioritize education, healthcare, nutrition and protection of our children irrespective of social-economic status.? The campaign which calls upon political parties across the country to give top priority to children and commit to changing the situation of children in our country found great support with actor Suriya?s pledge.

Vote for Child Rights campaign kick starts across the nation with a series of events to advocate the cause of ensuring Child Rights becomes an intrinsic aspect of manifestos of all political parties in India. The events will range from signing pledges from the general public to getting prominent personalities from across India to support the campaign, to holding of city centric events to showcase the current state of Child Rights in India.

The campaign firmly believes that India?s children who account for one third of the population deserve the collective demonstration of our commitment towards child rights. It also calls for action to express zero tolerance towards violation of child rights so that every child can be assured of a happy, healthy and creative childhood. That can happen only if children are recognized as rights holders and people in power remain committed towards providing care, protection, essential services and opportunities to each and every child. CRY is working to ensure lasting change in the lives of underprivileged children, and?YOU?too can help - by making your vote count. Get our leaders to do more for children. Create a vote bank big enough for them to hear that we, the people, demand child rights - the right to education, safety, healthcare and participation. Pledge your support - Vote for Child Rights

?About CRY:?CRY?? Child Rights and You (formerly known as Child Relief and You) is an?Indian NGO that believes in every child?s right to a childhood ? to live, to learn, grow and play. For over 30 years,?CRY?and its partners have worked with parents and communities to ensure Lasting Change in the lives of more than 20 Lakh underprivileged children. For more information please visit us at?

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