SportsMentor to provide Scientific Sports Education in TAISI schools

SportsMentor to be TAISI?s Official Sports Education Partner

Bangalore, March 27th?2013:?SportsMentor Pvt. Ltd;?a pioneer in providing an internationally accredited Scientific Sports Education Programs for school children, in India; today announced their partnership with TAISI (The Association of International Schools of India) with the objective of identifying talent and? training students? to represent the country at international competitions like the Youth Olympic Games.

The agreement also mandates SportsMentor to conduct the TAISI National Sports Championships from 2013 -2014 to 2018 ? 2019. The competition is scheduled to be held every November at a TAISI member school in the country. The winners of the TAISI National Championship will be trained further with the target of earning medals at international sports competitions.? The tournament targets 300 plus schools under various International Boards, to participate in the competition.

Commenting on the occasion,?Mr S Ramakrishnan Managing Director, SportsMentor, said, ?It is very important that we build a strong foundation of sports knowledge at the grassroots and create the right structure to identify, develop, channel and protect the best sports talents in India.??? We are delighted to be associated with TAISI (The Association of International Schools of India) and are looking forward to working as the official sports education partner for all its members. With our sports education programs we are committed to giving students a balanced training methodology. ?

Speaking on the same,?Ms. Anu Monga, Chair of TAISI, said, ?We are happy to partner with SportsMentor and want to implement their balanced approach towards Sports Education in our schools. We are confident that the integration of science in sports training will not only help our students perform better but also ensures that they understand the science through sports. We are committed to contributing towards India?s sporting future.

The role that sports plays in the wholesome development of a child cannot be undermined today. With the world becoming competitive by the day, it is of paramount importance that we allow children to enjoy sports. Making sports a part of their regular education is crucial for that. SportsMentor brings many pieces of the puzzle together like Internationally certified coaches, Structured & Scientific curriculum, cutting edge technology, etc. to create a program that is integrated with their schools; hence making schools not just a place for studies but also for education. -?Sachin Tendulkar

I firmly believe that sports should not only be for Olympic Medals, fame or for fortune. It should more importantly be for teaching us: how to win & lose, to live a healthy life, companionship, teamwork and healthy competition. Sports should also teach us to dream big, challenge ourselves, respect our opponents and to never give up. SportsMentor understand that these values are the most important goals of Sports Education and no kid should miss out on it. -?Virender Sehwag

SportsMentor Pvt. Ltd.?is a pioneer in providing an internationally accredited science based Sports Education Program for K-12 School children in India. The team comprises qualified sports professionals who have played and worked extensively internationally.

SportsMentor?s sports education program covers aspects of sports physics, biomechanics, sociology, nutrition, physiology, psychology, medicine and training techniques. With the goal of nurturing the next generation of sporting talent in India, they use their vast international experience to identify athletic prowess at an early stage. The?'Balanced Report Card program'?is a step in this direction.?

SportsMechanics is the online training & technical partner and The International Olympic Committee (IOC) accredited International Academy of Sports Sciences and Technology (AISTS) is SportsMentor?s Academic Advisor & Coaches? Training partner.?

SportsMentor is backed by India?s legendary sports icons: Sachin Tendulkar & Virender Sehwag.

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