"?The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination."

Annual Exhibition 2013 018 Annual Exhibition 2013 082St. Anthony's School, a Prestigious educational institution of the Franciscans, well known in the region of North?Guwahati, ?is serving the?people of Assam?for the past 8 years in the most effective manner possible. ?As our school stepped into the eighth year of its existence, Fr.?Tomy?Joseph, the Principal of our school aired his dream of exhibiting the talents of our energetic and dynamic students in and through an exhibition showcasing their ability to present concepts into models and experiments. A year long preparation went for this major event in the school as it was the first annual exhibition in the school since its inception.
The entire school campus had a festive look with colourful flags and symbols of Assamese culture portrayed through various wall - hangings all around the building. Dr. J. ?Balaji?I.A.S, the Deputy Commissioner of Police,?Kamrup?District (Assam) was received solemnly into the premises at?9.30 am?by?Frs.?Tomy?Joseph, Tony Marshall,?Manoj?Xalxo?and the student representatives with bouquet of flowers as a symbol of welcome. The inaugural ceremony began with a prayer dance by Class IV girls, followed by the welcome speech by Fr. Tony Marshall who enumerated in detail the achievements and ?service records of ?Honourable chief guest Dr. J.?Balaji?I. A. S. The Chief Guest and the dignitaries were given?GAMOSA?as a sign of welcome. The entire attention was on the Dr. J.?Balaji?I. A.S as he came up on stage to address the gathering. ?Dr. J.?Balajiwas in high praise for the value based and quality education given by St. Anthony's school at an affordable price in this area of North?Guwahati. He too expressed his gratitude to the staff and management for shouldering the responsibility in shaping the lives of the future citizens of India and the importance given for the promotion of local (Assamese) culture in and through the curriculum. He insisted that the schools in Assam should produce many students who have passion towards science and mathematics to venture into research and scholarly discipline. He officially declared the annual exhibition open by cutting the ribbon open for the Art and Craft department and having a quick look at the various departments he left for an urgent meeting.?There were altogether 8 departments in the exhibition namely Art & Craft, Assamese, Hindi, English, Social Science, Science, Mathematics and Computer Science. Children displayed their ability to display the concepts in the form of Models and experiments. Thousands of parents, students from the neighbouring institutions visited all the departments and left their impressions in the record book. The exhibition was well-appreciated by the heads of various institutions and companies in the region of North ?Guwahati.
Every morning in Africa an antelope wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death.?It doesn?t matter whether you are a lion or an antelope; when the sun comes up, you had better be running!?Energetic Anthonians have really run the race of investing time, learning to work together and bring out the best out of them .WE ARE REALLY PROUD OF YOU DEAR CHILDREN!

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