Creating awareness among public towards saving the environment

Bangalore, 17?December, 2013 -?As part of ?Green Cop? programme under 'Conserve My Planet' initiative by Schneider Electric India, students of Greenwood High School conducted a drive at the petrol bunk at Varthur Kodi in the city. This was an effort to reduce air pollution in the city and encourage vehicle users to get emission checks done. The students conducted energy audits to keep a check on emission levels of vehicles passing by. The students checked for emission certificates and advised the drivers on its importance.

The students proudly handed over a ?PASS-Pollution Free? sticker to those who had PUC certificate. Those vehicles which did not comply with the standards were told about the importance of emission check and were given a sticker which said ?I will do my bit?to save energy and environment?. All vehicle owners were also given a card with ?Smart tips for Smart living?.

The students were delighted at the co-operation extended by the Petrol bunk Manager as well as the vehicle owners. They felt elated when a few owners who did not have a PUC thanked them in return.

This was a small but determined step in creating awareness among public towards saving the environment. The students felt so encouraged that they requested to conduct similar checks in their community too.

"We are proud of our students who have taken the green initiatives. Supporting the Green cause is an important part of our extra-curricular activity. We undertake a lot of energy conservation initiatives in the school? said?Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School.


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