Recognition for Fr. Lukose

P 57Fr. Lukose?s immense contribution in the field of care and rehabilitation of underprivileged and destitute children was recognised by?Inner i Foundation?and?D.N. Acharya Foundation?in Guwahati on August 31st, 2014. The felicitation took place in an event, called?Weaver Birds Carnival, at Brindavan Garden, Guwahati. The Carnival was a platform for interaction among kids with the theme of ?Enhancing Creativity in Children? that aspired to make the young children experience the joy of exploring and creating something new. The children of Auxilium Snehalaya, Noonmati were invited at the event to present a song on the occasion. They had the opportunity to interact with other children at the event by playing, taking part in different competitions and games and painting. The carnival was designed and conducted very creatively where the articles created by children were displayed. The children of Auxilium Snehalaya, Noonmati would be learning craft work from the team members of Inner i Foundation.

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