In a notable event, organised last Sunday Guwahatians saw everyday words, contemporary topics, original work, 5quotes of favourite poets got commingled with the sizzling aroma of food. A poetry slam hosted by Shanghai Salsa recently saw enthusiastic participation from budding poets of the city. It was a much-needed break from the Sunday afternoon siesta as the audience were completely taken over by the magic of words. The Sunday Poetry Slam was organised on on 31st July and was held at the Tex-Mex Resto-pub. It was designed by Stoic Marketing Solutions. The aim was to create a unique vibe among budding poets in the?city known for its love for art and culture. "This is our first slam poetry event and we intend to host more such events that boosts as well as encourage budding talent," said Samujjal Baruva, Owner, Shanghai Salsa. The city did not disappoint. ?It was the first time I recited a poem and the response was heart-warming. I believe we should have more of such events in the city,? said Sneha Deka, a participant. 8The event also saw impromptu performances by Sushmita Baruah, an IT professional, Anita Rao, PR professional at IIT Guwahati, amongst the others. Poetry slams have received recognition in India only in the last decade. Guwahati has been slow to catch on but has finally embraced this art. The event hosted by Shanghai Salsa is an effort to bring together stories, thoughts and poems in Assamese, Hindi and English from poets of all age groups. The event saw RAP style, hip-hop and translations where the participants covered politics, relationships, nature and the current scenario of the State. There were participants from different age groups and various fields like Rocky Glock, Ankan Sunuwar, Sharad K Bezboruah and many more.

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