NIVEA- Go Backless and create your own fashion statement

New Picture (1) New Picture (2) New Picture (3) New Picture (4) New PictureNational, July 2013- The era of thigh high slits, cleavage display and heavy make-up is now pass?. On the red carpet stars and celebrities have been known to reveal certain sections of their skin from time to time. However the latest fashion trend on the block is to flaunt that sexy back! Fashion websites, blogs and magazines are filled with articles talking about this current trend. This backless look makes women look confident, strong and sexy. Hollywood personalities Eva Longoria, Emma Watson, Nicole Kidman, Cheryl Cole, Jessica Biel and Hilary Swank were seen baring their backs in beautiful gowns at various festival and film premieres in 2013. This trend has caught up in India too with markets getting flooded with beautiful dresses and tops that flaunt your back. ?Many stylists and designers in India are also incorporating this backless trend in their designs. Even the traditional wear these days comprises of backless cholis and blouses. This latest fashion fad has become a style statement. A lot of Indian celebrities too have been spotted donning the backless look in parties and award ceremonies. It is said that a woman?s looks and how she feels says a lot about her personality and confidence. A woman?s confidence is a very attractive thing in a woman. And women these days are confident enough to go backless. Over the years, our body has paid the price of utter negligence on our part. Our backs especially have borne the brunt of sun damage, darkening and wear. This is the reason that many women have been shying away from going backless. Women can now breathe a sigh of relief as NIVEA?s Whitening Cell Repair Lotion is now coming to rescue all those hopes of women daring to bare their beautiful backs! NIVEA?s campaign ?Go Backless? is all about making women feel powerful and confident about their body and encourages women to upload their backless pictures on their website The contender with the most votes gets a chance to meet Anushka Sharma, face of NIVEA?s Go Backless campaign.? About NIVEA India: NIVEA is the biggest skin care brand in the world and a name that has epitomized care for generations. The brand owned by Beiersdorf AG, Germany launched a wholly owned subsidiary in India in 2005 known as NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd. The affiliate is headquartered in Mumbai and is responsible for all critical functions such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Sales to Key Accounts. The parent company Beiersdorf AG, Germany has affiliates in more than 169 countries, enjoys market shares of up to 30% and has more than 200 No. 1 positions in cosmetics categories all over the world. NIVEA India has a clear focus: To meet consumer?s skin and beauty care needs. Every day and for everyone. For details, please log on to

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