Manasa Joshi to make debut in Sandalwood

21Dancer Manasa Joshi, who will be seen in the upcoming film Bahuparaak, has credit her acting skills to theatre, which helped her learn nuances of the art. The movie, directed by Suni and produced by Hemanth and Suresh Bairasandra, also has Srinagara Kitty and Meghana Raj in lead roles. From a famous Kathak dancer to an Upcoming actress, we talk to her about her journey.

From how long you are doing theatre?

Its just been couple of months that i am into theatre.

Tell us about your film and your role in film.

I am playing a wife who is from North Karnataka. Its a very nice role and i am doing it02 for 3 age groups. Its a wonderful film.

Tell us about your dancing career.

I started learning?Kathak?in 9th standard when i was in school. From 12 years I am into?Kathak?dance form. I don't believe in doing courses. For me my applauds are my best certificates. If audience love my dance I have won an award for myself.

What do you prefer more dancing or acting?

I was always a person who wanted to be in front of camera. I was into Performing arts. So, I prefer both. I'll be always doing acting and dancing.

How did you decide to come into acting?

I had time to get into my masters.I knew acting was on my plate. But I took time to segregate my acting from my education. I wanted to have masters degree. I can't do everything at the same time. A person can't be jack of all. After my education, I focused?completely into dancing. I also did a art movie that time. I met a lot of people from Industry. I decided to join Anupam Kher's acting institute. The course was for 3 months. Acting is much more then stage presence. Theatre plays a very important role when a person's start acting. I did few?Kannada plays then. I totally love acting now.

12With Acting gearing up any plans to leave Dancing?

No, Dancing and acting goes hand in hand. Dancing is my stress buster, It's just the way I am. I am a born dancer.

How difficult it is to perform in front of?theatre and performing in a film?

Theatre is live audience and it is an immediate reaction from audience. So, in theatre there is no scope of making mistakes. In film, you get any takes to perform. Theatre is any time more difficult and you have to give 100%.

Very few of audience come to watch?theatre, What's your take on that?

Classical dance plays a very important role. Established actress also want to come and learn classical dance. If you know any classical form you can do any other dance very easily. A lot of people are getting attracted to theatre because of it. Once they see a good performance they?definitely want to learn it.

What is your take on Item numbers?

I will never do an item number. I don't want to be seen as an item girl and I want to seen be? as an actor. I don't want people to judge me by my figure but if people do it i don't have any issues with it.

What kind of criticism you have faced?

Once my movie will release only then I can comment on this more.

As an Artist, what matters to you most?

Being yourself and being grounded matters the most. No matter how big you a person is and no matter how unsuccessful a person is; in the end what matters is how much human you are. I always made sure that I am always grounded. I am in a field where I?have a chance to grow every day and how better I can do next time. Growing in your self,in you work is life which should never stop.

Your message to upcoming dancers.

Learning dance is one of the best things you can do. Everybody should learn at least one classical dance form. It helps you to be a better human being.

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