India bowled over by New Zealand apples

[caption id="attachment_21259" align="alignleft" width="209"]Alan Pollard, CEO Pipfruit and Daniel Vettori at the launch of new season of New Zealand apples in Bangalore Alan Pollard, CEO Pipfruit and Daniel Vettori at the launch of new season of New Zealand apples in Bangalore[/caption]

Bangalore, 5th?April 2013:??Royal Challengers Bangalore superstar and former New Zealand cricket captain, Daniel Vettori, introduced the new season of Royal Gala apples from New Zealand at Fresh Produce India in Bangalore earlier ?this week.

Demand for 100% Pure New Zealand apples in India is booming as new trade statistics indicate a 90 percent increase in apple exports to India year-on-year to December 2012

This is the second season that crisp and delicious Royal Gala apples from New Zealand have been available in India, providing counter-seasonal supply to domestic produce.

Iconic New Zealand cricketer Sir Richard Hadlee launched the brand in India in 2011.

?New Zealand apples are known internationally for their crispness and great flavour,? says Mr Vettori. ?I?m excited that Royal Gala apples from New Zealand will be available again this season for Indians to enjoy. Having grown up enjoying New Zealand?s outstanding fresh produce, I know that Indians can be assured of outstanding quality and taste.?

Pipfruit New Zealand CEO, Alan Pollard who spoke at the conference, says New Zealand apples have been selling well in India.

??We launched Royal Gala in Mumbai in 2011. Since then Indian consumers have fallen in love with the wonderful new taste. New Zealand?s pest-free environment and dedication to advanced production techniques produces some of the world safest ? and tastiest ? fruit.?

?New Zealand is world-renowned for its high quality produce. The growth shows that Indians are enjoying new varieties like Royal Gala when domestic produce is out of season. New Zealand is also working with apple farmers in India to build expertise in production efficiency,? says?Richard White, New Zealand?s Trade Commissioner to New Delhi.

New Zealand apples are available in India from April to October.

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