In search of optical properties of castor leaves

[caption id="attachment_23754" align="alignleft" width="300"]Jhimii Das Jhimili Das[/caption] GUWAHATI -- Assistant professor Miss Jhimili Das from Assam Don Bosco University?s Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, presented 15th in the series of Friday noon Lectures this year, 6th September.?Miss Das? topic was entitled: ?Sensor based system for the measurement of optical properties of castor and other leaves.? ?Quality of leaves encompasses sensory properties (appearance, texture, aroma etc.), nutritive values, chemical constituents, defects etc,? said Miss Das.?Further, the quality of leaves can be measured by two ways: one measurement done by humans and the other one done by instruments.?However, instrumental measurement is preferred in research and commercial situations as they reduce variations in judgment and are precise, she said. Through this research Miss Das hopes to develop a device that will be simple, easy to operate and economically viable. It will also help a layman to quantify the quality of leaves without putting in much effort.?Her research is expected to help silk worm cultivation by finding out what type of leaves should be fed during the various stages of silk worm production.    

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