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Children Parliament

DSC02280 DSC02239 DSC02296Good and upright leaders are appreciated by everyone. We need leaders who are capable of making changes in their own lives and that of the poor and the downtrodden. Leaders are not born but are formed, we need to train our children to become responsible and sincere leaders, and hence we need to enable them to explore their talents, potentials and capabilities for the betterment of self and others. The world today needs leaders, who are able to make decisions and gain the acceptance of people with divergent views and personalities. We need leaders who have the courage to withstand criticism, to sacrifice self, to resist pressure and to continue in the face of adversity. With this back ground in mind, children?s parliament was introduced in ING Guwahati in the following centers: Tangla, Majbat, Dibrugarh, Holy Child, Guwahati, Kohima, Imphal, Tezpur and Boko with a total of 74 groups with 1500 Members. In her last visit Sr. Annie, the SDC found that all the centers are functioning well and the animators are following up the groups well. And she also found that the records are maintained regularly. The ministers in all the groups are active and they are an inspiration for the members. Children have become responsible, disciplined and enthusiastic in their studies. They also started to open their eyes to see to the needs of the others.??The following story from the children of Kohima will reveal to the readers their enthusiasm. At the insistence of the children, the sisters organized a trip to the neighboring orphanage run by an individual called Asano Chasie where there are about 30 children who have no one. They had known about it from sometime but had not thought of visiting or sharing with the children what they have. After becoming part of children?s parliament they opened their eyes and felt the need to spend some time with those children. Accordingly they collected some clothes and snacks and set out on a sunny afternoon accompanied by Sr. Veronica and the Parish Priest, Fr. Sunny. They also managed to take some more children from among their classmates. They spent the whole afternoon and evening playing, singing, and organizing competitions. At the end they distributed whatever they had with them. They concluded their visit with a beautiful prayer which was shared by all of them.??At the end of the day they were tired but their joy was unbounded. Some of the children narrated that what made them happier was that they were able to make those orphans feel that there is someone who is of their age thinking about them and loving them.

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