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GUWAHATI, - The Coffee Corner at Assam Don Bosco University?s Azara campus is one of the most frequented student joints for campus adda. Summer, autumn, monsoon or winter, no matter what season, Rekida?s Coffee Corner is the happening place. Muhamad Reki Ali has been serving hot or cold cups of tea or coffee since 2011 to some 1,300 students of ADBU?s Azara campus.

I caught up with him at the fag end of the lunch break on Friday when student crowds had thinned down. As usual, ordering my cuppa, I chat up with him, and this time, I have an assignment to do?

Chatting with Rekida, who hails from Baihata village in Kamrup Rural district of Assam, reminded me of the dictum, ?God helps those who help themselves," was indeed very true.

Born as the eldest son among five siblings, Rekida had to give up studies after class eight due to financial constraints in his family and look after his family's agricultural plot of land. The unpredictable monsoon and seasonal floods forced Rekida to give up the prospects of depending on cultivation for livelihood and move to Guwahati city in search of his fortune.

"Every man wishes to earn a good living,? says Rekida fighting to disguise a tinge of regret breaking on his face.

?The cobwebs of life forced me to drive away personal ambitions and out of sheer survival compulsions, I had to abandon my dreams and goals" said Rekida as he placed a cup to the Coffee dispenser to pour a hot cup of coffee for a student.

Initially, he was lucky to get a job as helper in a tea stall in one of the railway stations in the city. That was the stepping stone for Rekida?s future at Don Bosco College of Engineering and Technology at Azara, on Airport Road.

"It was when I came to DBCET that I realized that life was not that too bad. Just as the feeling of thirst is best described by a weary desert traveler, the feeling of being home a second time, can be well described by me," he said.

?I am highly satisfied with whatever I am doing to make everyone feel relaxed by serving them refreshments,? he confessed.

?In the future, Inshah Allah, I want to open my own Coffee Shop on campus with all sorts of confectioneries so that students need not go outside the campus as everything will be available in one shop." - By?Diraksh Rahman

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