Bengaluru, August 30, 2013:? Healthex?2013, the 4th?edition of International Exhibition and Conference on Hospital, Medical & Surgical Equipment, Drugs & Disposables and Allied Services will be organized by Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI) and Bangalore International Exhibition Services (BIES), from September 5 to September 7, 2013 at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Tumkur Road. This exhibition will serve as a platform for networking and knowledge sharing, which will see a participation of national as well as international healthcare companies. The seminars will be held parallelley on a daily basis. The theme of the conference is??Improving Patient Safety and Reducing Cost of Healthcare?. The exhibition will also encompass an expo of Hospitals called ?Arogya Mela??2013 aimed at empowering patients and the society at large, by educating them on various wellness issues such as clinical guidelines and safe medication. The curtain raiser for both the events was held in the presence of?Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty,?Chairman ? Healthex International 2013 and Founder/Chairman of Narayana Health,?Dr. Alexander Thomas, Vice President ? AHPI and CEO, Bangalore Baptist Hospital,?and ??????????????Mr. N ?Srinivasan,?Member of Board, Bangalore International Exhibition Services.? Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty,?said, ?Healthcare in India is passing through a big transition and the private sector is playing a decisive role, considering more than 80% expenditure in healthcare is coming from private healthcare providers. Similarly, disease burden is changing predominately from communicable to non-communicable spectrum. This year?s events will focus on Patient Safety besides providing an insight on Reducing the cost of healthcare which will open up the three full days of conference, trade fair, seminars, workshops, networking events and expert presentations. We are happy that the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Karnataka has extended support to the events.? Healthcare is one of the major sectors fuelling the growth of the Indian economy and both ?Arogya Mela??and ?Healthex??are ideal platforms to look at the industry from a holistic perspective. The exhibition will also serve as a platform to provide patients guidance with respect to their rights and responsibilities for their healthcare needs. Medical check-ups, alternate treatments, medically supervised health programmes, special consultation and advices, will also be available for everyone. ?This is a great and unique platform dedicated towards knowledge sharing and brings together industry experts from major government and private institutions, with an opportunity to both develop, and maintain business relationships? said?Dr. Alex. The exhibition will see participation of over 32-35 hospitals, 120 healthcare exhibitors which includes healthcare equipment manufacturers,? 25-30 ?R&D companies, diagnostic centres from India, China, Italy, Denmark and Singapore. The exhibition will also have an??Innovation Pavilion??which is cited to be the key attraction of the entire event. The pavilion will be represented by established corporates with innovative products, healthcare start-up companies, academic institutions, venture capitalists and angel investors. Mr. N. Srinivasan, Member of Board, Bangalore International Exhibition Services?said, ?Good health is a common concern for families and individuals world over. ?Healthex??and??Arogya Mela??are powerful platforms to empower patients at one hand and to bring the healthcare professionals together on the other. Healthex International has completed three successful editions and we are happy to introduce Arogya Mela 2013. Healthex had focused on catering to Business audience, whereas with Arogya Mela 2013 the initiative will now cater to consumers as well.? As one of the most sought-after Healthcare exhibition in India, Healthex strives to offer the best platform for all healthcare industry professionals.? AROGYA MELA is an initiative of AHPII created to empower patients by educating them on various wellness issues, like clinical guidelines, safe medication and also provide them guidance on their rights in respect in respect of their healthcare needs The show is managed by Bangalore International Exhibition Services, organizers of Healthex International Exhibition.

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