Giving direction to youth

1 Children who come to the Night Shelter of Snehalaya, spend their day-time on the streets or railway station. They face many challenges for their survival and are constantly under stress. At Snehalya we try to provide them an environment where they can be safe and comfortable. Besides, some special activities are also organized from time to time to help them relax and improve their health. One such activity was conducted by Snehlaya in which it joined hands with the NGO ?Care U 365? to organize yoga course for the boys of Snehalaya Night Shelter at Paltan Bazar. The three-day course from August 9 to 11 engaged around 50 boys in ?Transcendental Meditation? and ?Surya Namaskar?, both of which are known for its positive effect almost immediately. The Yoga Teacher, Gautam Chowdhury said, ?It was a very nice experience to teach children the Transcendental Meditation as it has a very calming effect on them. It helps them get a direction in life if practiced daily. TheSurya Namaskar?helps children being focused and energetic.? Caregivers at Snehalaya observed that the meditation relaxed the children immediately who live under various types of stress. ?

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