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[caption id="attachment_22886" align="alignleft" width="200"]Mahesh Hegde,Director,OWN Water Purifiers Mahesh Hegde,Director,OWN Water Purifiers[/caption]

12 July,2013 : It was indeed a night of celebration at the Vivanta by Taj with the launch of OWN Water Purifiers. Fashion, glamour and technology came together to create a-one-of-a-kind event.

[caption id="attachment_22887" align="alignright" width="300"]Vivek Shenava, Shipra Khanna Mahesh Hegde Vivek Shenava, Shipra Khanna Mahesh Hegde[/caption]

The launch gave the workaholics a chance to step away from their busy schedules and have a night to socialize over drinks,dinner and of-course delectable food! The amazing live-band and quirky fashion show added a whole new dimension to the night. The zealous hosts? Mr. Mahesh Hegde & Mr. Vivek Shenava were seen welcoming the guests for the night.

The evening kicked off with Emcee easing in the guests while they all settled down. The Mangalore based band, Elysium set a relaxed tone with their calm and soothing music. Subtle and melodious the music complemented the atmosphere for the night. Every single aspect of the night appealed to the crowd who was looking forward to a relaxed night. As time clicked on, the stars for the night, Mr.Vivek Shenava, Mr.Mahesh Hegde, Directors OWN Water Purifiers and Masterchef India's winner Shipra Khanna took the spotlight along with the prodigious OWN Water Purifiers. The three relished a glass of pure and healthy water with much enthusiasm! The fashion show saw models walk the ramp dressed in gorgeous and chic ethnic wear. Each model complemented every look with a specially designed apron for the night. The rustic colours, fabulous designs and of-course the unconventional aprons sure did take us by surprise.

Models 2Speaking about the product, Shipra Khanna said, ? Being associated with the hospitality industry, I Meherunderstand the need for clean, pure and healthy drinking water. It is important that everyone has access to safe and clean water. OWN offers you the chance to live a healthy life and the product is also priced extremely reasonably!?

The directors were all smiles, basking in the success of the night. An exhilarated Vivek Shenava said, ? OWN is Mahesh and my dream project. It is over-whelming and heartwarming to see the reception we are getting from friends and acquaintances. OWN was conceived keeping in mind the difficulty and accessibility to hygienic water. It is the first of its kind with size zero design, aquamatic features and exclusive technology!?

It was indeed a unique experience, as people from different walks of life came to acknowledge the high-light of the night! Vivek Shenava and Mahesh Hegde most certainly did put a great show. The product is a small wonder that comes packed with a powerful punch! They bid adieu to the night with a promise to always bring to us something new and incredible.

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