Effect of Free Market Capitalism on Northeast

[caption id="attachment_23780" align="alignleft" width="300"]Dr Simanta Kalita at Don Bosco University. Dr Simanta Kalita at Don Bosco University.[/caption]

GUWAHATI ? AssamDonBoscoUniversity?s Don Bosco Institute of Social Sciences held a lecture entitled ?Free Market Capitalism: Environmental Crises and Response in the Context of Northeast India,? at its Azara campus on 9th September evening.

Dr Simanta Kalita, Regional Programme Coordinator of Centre for Environment Education (CEE) Guwahati, a centre for excellence, made the presentation.??Mr P. Varu, lecturer in the Social Sciences Department arranged the session and facilitated student interaction.?Coming from a Science background Dr Kalita handled the topic dealing with economics in a way easily understood by all first and second year students of Social Work.

The lecture touched upon various issues and concerns related to greedy capitalism, unsustainable development, destructive damns for hydro projects, indiscriminate felling of forests, and displacement of wildlife by human encroachment of their habitats and their subsequent consequence for global warming.

Dr Kalita shocked the students giving statistics of 162 proposed hydro projects in the state of Arunachal Pradesh which if materialized could wreak havoc in the case of a tragedy similar to that of Uttarakhand wiping out a vast portion of the population of Assam.

He further cited the effect of climate change and global warming on the Himalayan glaciers which if melts down would create flood and wipe out a huge population of Bangladesh driving the survivors to Assam.

?Dr Kalita proposed the idea of ?Socialistic Free Market? as an alternative to the harmful ?Capitalistic Free Market.?

At the conclusion of the enlightening session, Dr Kalita invited the students to visit CEE and also stay and work as interns.

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