Children of Snehalaya win prizes in Carrom competition

Carrom Competition in progressEvery individual in this world is born with a talent, yet not all are successful in fulfilling their destiny by realizing their skills. Presence of talent alone is not enough. Like an unpolished stone, even the talents of individuals remain unproductive, until an expert hand carves out the talent and transform the unpolished stone into diamond. ?People with talent need guidance and exposure for developing their otherwise dormant skills. One such story of exceptional guidance and motivation has been noted in Snehalaya, an abode for destitute children where the Associate Director of the organization Fr Solomon was able to carve out the hidden skills of the children. Snehalaya has become synonymous to the loving residence which helps homeless children of the city find a shelter along with food and education. Father Solomon had joined the organization recently and in a short span of time he realized that these marginalized children were capable of great deeds. They all had talent that needed to be honed. Providing opportunity to sharpen one?s skills and exposure to showcase that skill is one of the objectives of Snehalaya. Fr. Solomon now began his work to realize this objective. He understood that to make these children a self-sufficient, confident, capable and productive citizen of this nation their talent had to be explored. These talents could further help them earn their living in the future and also generate a sense of discipline along with a commitment. Soon after joining the Dhirenpara Center of Snehalaya he was able to identify children who had an extraordinary flair for various activities. Some were good in studies, while some showed interest in co-curricular activities like dancing, painting, photography and sports. He knew it well that without motivation these children will never open up to the world and showcase their talents. So his first task was to be their friend. Through conversation, discussion and sometimes through the games he started identifying the children who had varied interests and skills. Amidst such interesting observation, he came across few boys of Snehalaya?s Dhirenpara and Paltan Bazar Homes, who were very good at playing carom. Fr. Solomon thus arranged for their training in Carrom under the guidance of Jiban Deka, a former carom champion. To showcase their talent these children were taken to a Carrom tournament organized by the Guwahati District Carrom Association. 14 boys from Dhirenpara Children?s Home, one from Snehalaya Paltan Bazar and two girls from Jyoti Snehalaya participated in the Guwahati District Inter-School and Inter-Club Carrom Championship 2014. The tournament was held at Deshbhakt Ram Tarun Phukan Indoor Stadium in Guwahati from October 14-20, 2014. The boys were very happy to play in the big stadium where the audience cheered for them; their game was appreciated by all. Their effort showed result when ?Rahul Raja, a child of Snehalaya won the First Prize in the ?Under 12? category, said, ?I got many ideas on how to win more points. I also learnt the rules of the Carrom. I can defeat bigger boys than me. I want to play in more competitions in future.? Biswajit Rai and Kapil Kumar Das won the second and third prizes in the competition. Fr. Solomon hopes to get them trained for higher opportunities and expects that this training will help the kids grow into a better human being who would bring glory to the nation and to Snehalaya. Other than Carrom Fr. Solomon has now identified children of Snehalaya, Dhirenpara center who are good in various other fields like drawing and dancing. He is keen to work on their abilities as well, but he knows that this is a mammoth task which needs contributors like Jiban Deka who can voluntarily come and train the children of Snehalaya. Till the time he finds such generous volunteers, he is continuing his task of motivating the children of Snehalaya along with other Salesians.

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