COLOROTHON SEASON 2 A Flair of colors for the Heart; From the Heart

PIC 1Bangalore, 28 Sept 2014: When its art, Bangaloreans have a heart. Nearly five thousand IMG_0044 (2)people from three years old to eighty years old from all walks of life came together for Fortis Colorothon Season 2, A Concept of Breathe Entertainment a painting extravaganza held at the Whitefield Park behind Whitefield Club, near Forum Value Mall to mark?World Heart Day. It was Inaugurated by Miss Vanai Ganapathy, Danseuse & Board Member of B. Pac.The large gathering of amateurs and painting enthusiasts were also joined by thirty renowned artists for the social cause. Three hundred best paintings at the event judged by well known artist Mr.Shashidhar of Palette Art School Jayanagar, will be auctioned to?raise funds for Omashram Trust, an old age home, said Mr.Kishore Joseph, the organizer. IMG_0184Commenting on ?the event, Mr.Karthik Rajagopal, Regional Director-South, Fortis IMG_0192Hospitals said ?it was a creative outreach to provide people, irrespective of age and ability, a common platform of expression?. Ms.Usha Mohan, Director, The Bangalore School said ?that ?Colorothon was the right platform for kids and adults to express their feelings?. Mr.Kishore Joseph, Director, Breathe Entertainment, and the brain behind the concept, said "the people of Bangalore had responded with full enthusiasm for the second edition of Colorothon just like they had done for the first edition of the event. Choosing World Heart Day for the event is our way of attempting to bring people together? he added. Ms.Bani Anand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International, said ?Colorothon aimed to make a better world, and what better way to express it than drawing, painting and colors". We hope that people will develop their awareness for Heart Day through the medium of COLOROTHON Season 2. We also seeks to appeal to as many people as possible about the importance of environmental conservation by showcasing the winning entries at exhibitions and printing them onto postcards and calendars for distribution. P 1One of the child who participated in the event said ?I love painting. Colorothon?Season 2?has given me chance to express my emotions on?our environment?. His?colorful?and lively painting that depicted a family engaged in gardening came in?for?much praise. While the theme for the juniors was World Heart Day and Eco Friendly concepts, the seniors had to choose from Heart Attack Awareness and "Attack the Attack" concept from of Fortis?Hospital. Paintings based on scenes on the?Environment?depicted on growing more trees and encouraging health through exercise and planting new?trees. ?Such events do wonders for developing talent among children, all Thanks to Colorothon Season 2? said a parent., who brought his daughter all the way from Jayanagar for the event. Both parents and children felt that the venue, facing the Bangalore School, provided the right?ambiance?for the event. ?The focus was on creativity and the right mix of?colors. This one looked like a canvas and touched me. It is nice to motivate kids by?hosting such events,? said Mr Kishore . The title sponsor of the painting competition was Fortis HospitalIMG_0257 Several top companies came together to support the event such as Fortis Health Care, ?The Bangalore School, Aviva Life Insurance, VAHE Global Academy, Times Foundation , Kotak Mahindra Bank, Hairline International , Surabee? Essar Machinery & Co,? Prachar PR, Coco Cola,, Fever Radio & Joseph Welfare Trust. The Best 15 Paintings of Fortis Colorothon Season -2 ? Best 3 Paintings from 3- 9 years category Sathwik Arnay Choudhary Dhrusti S. Shetty Best 3 Paintings from 10 -12 years category Sneha Rose Trisha Pradeep Saptak Best 3 Paintings from 13 -20 years category Sadaq Khan Angelina S Bhavani NS Best 3 Paintings from 21-30 years category Jayasree P Kaimal. Ankur Batra Akshay Kamble? Best 3 Paintings from 30 years & above?category Nitin Singh Sachin Pathak Ashish Mohanty  

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