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LogoChild-Friendly Guwahati, an NGO, is a joint special initiative of Don Bosco Society and Rotary Clubs of Guwahati.

This Week Guwahati has tied up with Don Bosco, Guwahati to actively take forward Child-Friendly Guwahati?s vision of delivering visible and measurable change in the life of the deprived and the voiceless. Accordingly, the publication is dedicated to promote all its social welfare activities.

Why Child-Friendly Guwahati is a question that needs no answer. What we propose to do is to put back some sunshine in the lives of the deprived child community. These children of a lesser god could be rag pickers, street children, poor hawkers, and any child who is shelter-less and has no means of livelihood, including children who are forced to work at a young age.

Child-Friendly Guwahati is non-profit organization that aims to empower these children through all means possible. This could take the form of helping provide alternative education, training, and taking care of all their basic and health needs. The ultimate goal is to bring them back into the mainstream of society and enable them to lead a life of dignity, which his enshrined as a right of every Indian citizen in the Constitution of India.

Our Vision

Ensuring that no deprived child continues to live in the margins of society in Guwahati. Looking ahead, we aim to extend our area of operations to other parts of Assam.

What We Believe

No child wishes to eke out a living on the streets by choice. It is only compulsion that forces the child to live in apathy. There are various push and pull factors that are responsible for the status of such deprived children, viz. poverty, urban sprawl, abusive social environment, dysfunctional education system, etc. Some of the street children are unfortunate victims of such unsavory socio-economic conditions.

We passionately believe that street children are not less than their more fortunate counterparts. Instead of looking down upon them, we need to build up societal values so that they are treated on par with every other citizen of this country.

Our Focus

Child-Friendly Guwahati believes that active and involved engagement and participation leads to empowerment. We aim to realize this by making children participate in the organization?s programs and giving them an opportunity to get involved in conceiving, designing and implementing the activities, wherever possible, or on a gradual basis. Timely intervention and participatory approach with children is one of our core values.

Our Beginnings

Child-Friendly Guwahati is being registered under Indian Public Charitable Trust Act 1882. Guided by one of the finest and committed team of Trustees, we will spare no effort to create a child-friendly society in Guwahati.

Among the programmes that we will soon be rolling out periodically, we intend to pro-actively raise child protection issues, especially issues pertaining to children in difficult circumstances. The organization shall also comply with all the legal norms of a non-profit organization. We hold ourselves accountable to government, to our beneficiary groups, body of NGOs we work with and to the society as a whole for all our activities. Child-Friendly Guwahati shall maintain total transparency in its work by making all the relevant information available to people. Besides different stakeholders, studies and reports will also be shared with other organizations.

Child-Friendly Guwahati believes in lean management practices and accordingly our organizational structure is designed to produce efficient monitoring, smooth supervision, candid communication and nurturing guidance for its members.

The organization has a decentralized structure to enable easy and prompt decision-making. We understand the importance of timely intervention and how bureaucratic red-tape and administrative contingencies can put a spoke in the wheels of quick decision-making processes.

Child-Friendly NGO will be assisted by a team of experienced social workers and dedicated professionals and paraprofessionals. Our team is gender-balanced and we do not differentiate on the basis of caste, creed or religion.

Our Proposed Programs

Timely Interventions with Children

Direct action and appropriate interventions with children is an innovative and uniquely approached child-centered strategy benefitting the children directly.

Here are a few areas and programs which are on the anvil. Many of these are ambitious and take a lot of germination time. We will be taking up these programs on a gradual basis, starting from the bottom up. Our approach is to start small and achieve big.

Alternative Education:?Education is one of the most recommended ways to bail out destitute children from their impoverished state. The harsh reality is that destitute and street children have virtually no access to education facilities.

Recreation:?Recreation is a vital part of character building and therefore we plan to explore ways and means to provide some form of recreational activities for the street children, such as indoor/outdoor games and sports, art classes, sports competitions, fun-trips to interesting and educational places, etc.

Special Workshops: We plan to conduct useful workshops on life skills, leadership, building up self-esteem, etc to inspire and encourage the street children to lead a life of dignity.

Reunion with Families:?It is seen that a lot of children run away from home and make railway stations and streets their home. We shall strive to repatriate and rehabilitate them and unite them with their families as per the guidelines of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) Act wherever possible. Alternatively, we will try to relocate them to government approved shelter homes.

Rescuing Working Children:?Child labor is another ugly facet of society. We shall do our utmost to put an end to this practice and rescue children from being exploited.

Health Camps:?An overwhelming majority of the street children suffer from various health disorders due to hygiene deficit. We will organize health camps to create awareness among the children about health and hygiene and meet their health needs.

Drug Therapy & Counselling:?Child-Friendly NGO will look at delivering solutions for children who are victims wittingly or unwittingly of substance abuse. We will try to keep such children engaged in recreation, art and craft, dance, etc. to keep them away from the intake of substances.

Vocational Training: ?Vocational training is offered to older minors so as to make them self-sufficient.

Child Friendly Guwahati

Don Bosco Provincial House, 2nd Floor?Panbazar, Guwahati ? 781 001,?Assam, Ph:??9401722703

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