CEC wants full fledged law for regulation of political parties

Chier Election Commissioner VS Sampath has favoured a full fledged law for transparency and regulation of functioning of political parties.

Speaking at the concluding session in 9th annual conference on Electoral and Political Reforms, Mr Sampath said, "There is a grave need of a full-fledged law to administer the functioning of Political Parties."

The CEC said it should also ensure transparency and more internal democracy in the functioning of the parties.

Work on evolution of an ideal draft for the Bill that began by noted jurists and legal experts a couple of years ago is in progress, he informed.

In his speech, Mr Sampath covered the issues concerning the current electoral and political system in the country.

He conveyed that after successfully countering the menace of booth capturing and muscle power, ECI was now devising and implementing extensive plans to curb the evil of money-power in the polls. The CEC also talked about the Expense Monitoring Committees, Video Surveillance Teams, Static Flying Squads, the existence of a shadow register maintained by the Commission that keeps detailed accounts of the expenses of a contesting candidate in a constituency.

He also stated that under current laws, the Commission has no power to de-register political parties, though the recognition of their status as national or state did depend on their electoral performance.

Other issues he touched upon were incomplete filing of contesting candidate's affidavit, de-criminalisation of politics, NRI voting and spending of political parties.

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