9th Pragjyoti International Dance Festival from 18th to 20th February

February 16, 2016; Guwahati: Kalpa, A Society for Promotion of Literature, Art, Culture and Social Harmony, presents the 9th edition of Pragjyoti International Dance Festival (PIDF); an annual classical dance extravaganza to exhibit the wide range of India’s classical dance forms together on one platform to sing in unison and to celebrate the rich heritage of Assam.

L-R: Hari Saikia Bayan, Arindam Mahanta, Anwesa Mahanta, Vijay Srivastava and Pradip Jyoti Mahanta speak regarding PIDF

This annual feature by Kalpa is a three-day classical dance extravaganza and will be held at Shraddhanjali Kanan in Guwahati on 18th and 19th February and IIT Guwahati on 20th February, 2016. The year the festival is hosted by in association with the IIT Guwahati. The event is supported by Oil India Limited, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India, Cultural Affairs, Govt. of Assam, Sangeet Natak Akademi, North-East Centre,  State Bank of India, Apex Bank, Assam Gramin Vikash Bank, My Taxi, 92.7 Big FM, Smart Tank & Life’s Purple. The announcement was made today during a press conference held at the Guwahati Press Club. 

National award winner, Yuva Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee, Dr. Anwesa Mahanta who is the Festival Director of PIDF said, “Each and every year we try to reach out to people with various dimensions and perspectives of dance. This year we are trying to bring in a range of artistic expressions belonging to various parts of India and also at the same time experience Southeast Asian art forms through the artists of Indonesia. I truly believe it’s going to be a rare experience of artistic confluence.” 

The Sattriya danseuse further says, “We have incorporated some of the lesser known art forms of Northeast like Bharigan and Aji Lamu. The festival experience would not only give the performers a platform to share their art form but also give a wider space to interact and see the performances of other art traditions. And audience shall witness varied styles of artistic representationsand extend artistic and creative bonds amidst rich diversity.” 

This year Pragjyoti International Dance Festival has set out on yet another benchmark journey as eminent dance critic and scholar Shyamhari Chakra joins hands with the Kalpa team. Speaking about his association with the festival Anwesa said, “Eminent dance critic and scholar Shyamhari Chakrawas the person who inspired me to start the PIDF journey; all these years, he has been rendering his support towards the festival in various ways. But this is the first time, that he will officially join the Kalpa team in Guwahati during the festival. It is truly an honour for us to have him on board.” 

PreetomSaikia, Commissioner and Secretary of Cultural Affairs Department earlier mentioned in a statement, “Wehave been associated with the Pragjyoti International Dance Festival since thepast two-three years. Artistes from all over the world will showcase their talentin this festival; hence, it is a wonderful platform for the regional artistesto interact with them as well. This festival will definitely open up numerousavenues for all the performing artistes on a global level. The department hasalways supported such cultural initiatives and we will continue to render outsupport in future as well.” 

To promoteinternational understanding through dance, Kalpa is continuing its venture ofcelebrating the great dance heritage of the country and the upcoming editionfeatures artists like Nanae Kezuka (Japan), Universitas Mahendradatta(Indonesia), Brahma Kumaris Denpasar (Indonesia), Enakshi Sinha (Canada), AnoukTran Tranh (France), T. Reddy Lakshmi (Delhi), Disciples of Padmashri JatinGoswami (Guwahati), Vijay Srivastava and group (Guwahati), Hari Saikia Bayanand team (Titabor) performing various styles of dance traditions. Besides,there will also be presentationsof Bharigaan by  the Rabha communitydancers and Aji Lamu performance by Monpa community dancers. Withthe congregation of the dancing minds across the borders on one platform, thefestival bridges a better understanding between India and these Asia-Pacificregions and tries to promote in its own way, the ideals of peace and harmonythrough the aesthetics of Indian heritage. Also, as in the previous editions ofthe festival, there will be morning interactive sessions- “Voices”, in IITGuwahati and NERIM where the students would interact with the artistes anddiscuss about various concerns regarding “Art Education and Art Management”. 

Theconcluding day of the programme would be hosted by the Cultural Board, IITGuwahati and Centre for Creativity on 20thFeb. The programme shallbe followed by a short interaction with the performing arts Students of IITG. Duringthe meet, the President of Kalpa – Dr. Bhupendra Prasad Sarma and Secretary ofKalpa- Prof. Pradip Jyoti Mahanta also shared the vision and objectives ofKalpa and mentioned how the organization has been receiving warm accolades fromthe public for their efforts throughout the years which inspired them to carryforward this herculean task of hosting the festival in two differentplaces. 

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