20 varieties of momo at new hangout destination Fat Belly

Guwahati, March 21, 2017: Guwahati witnessed yet another start-up dream coming true on Sunday. For this HSLC rank-holder, it was a dream-come-true moment when he, along with his college friend, opened a pan-Asian cuisine restaurant – Fat Belly – opposite Rabindra Bhawan, near Dighalipukhuri

HSLCrank holder Dhiraj Deka went on to study engineering at Assam EngineeringCollege where he met Parixit Bhattacharjee. They went to Mumbai and Goa to workfor top multi-national companies. It was a dream for them to come back toGuwahati and venture into the food sector. “We always wanted to comeback to Guwahati and venture into the food industry. After spending about 6years outside, we are now back to where we belong. Fat Belly is our gift to thepeople who love pan-Asian cuisine,” says Dhiraj Deka, one ofthe co-founders of the restaurant.

Therestaurant serves around 20 varieties of momo besides a number of Indo-Chinesestarters and main course items – both in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. “Weare serving some of our choicest dishes which are deliciously crafted for thepeople who love pan-Asian cuisine. Our Grilled and Afghani momo varieties aremust haves,” says Parixit Bhattacharjee who playedfor Assam in Under-15 cricket before being the general secretary at AEC. 

Besidesthe speciality momo varieties, the restaurant serves around 20 types each ofrice and noodles preparation. In the main course, the restaurant boosts ofvarious chicken, pork fish and prawn items. Fat Belly special starters includechicken lollipop; chicken, pork and paneer yakitori, drums of heaven, a varietyof chicken wings and wontons. 

“We have also introduced various combooffers along with our special a-la-carte offerings. We are enriching the diningexperience keeping in mind people opting for quick-bites as well as lunch anddinner spreads. Being centrally located, we are hopeful that people will lovethe experience at Fat Belly,” says ManjitaKalita Chowdhury, the third co-founder of the restaurant. Manjita, anardent food lover, has earned her experience in the restaurant andcatering businesses for the past 15 years.

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