Garnier White Complete Fashion Weekend raises the fashion quotient in Guwahati

The countdown to the most iconic fashion event of the year came to a close with the grand opening of the Garnier White Complete Fashion Weekend at Radisson Blu in Guwahati on September 18. Organised by Mega Entertainment, North East’s largest fashion and pageant event organiser, and supported by Maybelline, the show was designed with an ambition to highlight the rich & vibrant style of North East India and to showcase it to the fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Garnier White Complete Fashion Weekend had an impressive lineup of designers that was a wholesome combination of leading fashion experts of India and promising talents from across the North Eastern region. The show left the audience enthralled as 72 models sashayed the ramp adorning brilliantly coloured and uniquely designed collections. The line–up of the day’s designers in order were:

1. Sumit Das Gupta from Mumbai

2. Yura Mary from Arunachal Pradesh

3.Anindita Dey Pal from Silchar

4. Mousam Choudhury from Delhi

5. Chantal Patel from Goa

6. Lori Terang from Karbi Anglong

7. Nut Kachari from Dibrugarh

8. Kanika Agarwal, Poonam Barman and Tara Thapa – Student designers from INIFD

9. Santasree Mallik Bhuyan for Haansini from Guwahati

Abhijit Singha, fashion pre-Eur and Founder of Mega Entertainment, said, “The Garnier White Complete Fashion Weekend brought together a myriad blend of seasoned, as well as gen-next designers, giving the audience an experience like never before. The event showcased designers from all across the country, displaying fabrics and designs from the northeastern region and beyond.”

He added, “Through this event, we also aim to offer our 72 chosen models a platform from where their dreams can take flight. During our model auditions across three cities, we found that the youth of the region are capable of excelling in the international arena and a show like this is a perfect opportunity to do so. Moreover, 20 chosen women won the title of ‘Garnier Girls’, and walked the ramp wearing the Garnier White Complete Theme Collection.”

The opening collection of the show, presented by designer Sumit Das Gupta was called “Sorbomangala”. Taking an inspiration from Maa Durga as a tribute to Naari Shakti, Sumit’s bridal collection comprised of Net, Georgette, Satin, Pure Crépe, Lycra, Linen, Pure Cotton, Italian Fabrics and Brocade. The garments looked fabulous with the usage of Zardozi, Resham, LCD, Thread, antique Tikki and Aari work. The vibrancy of the colours used in the collection was like a perfect welcoming to the upcoming festive season.

Yura Mary presented a red carpet collections inspired by classic books. It was a perfect reminder of all the fairy tales everyone read during their childhood. The colours and fabrics lent a classic feel to the entire show.

Anindita Dey Pal presented the “Cocktail Studio” collection, which embodies the passion for various types of ethnic weaves of the country and blends the traditional and modern flavours. Anindita focuses on creating outfits which bring out the rich diverse culture of the country and the region. Her collection of Mekhela Chadars exhibited unity in diversity in various ways.

Mousam Choudhury presented the collection “Once Upon A Time”. This theme, inspired by the designer’s childhood, celebrates the golden period of the 90’s. The beauty and innocence of that period, before technology took over, the time when people were closer to nature, is showcased in his collection.

The collection titled “Green Paradise” by Chantal Patel was inspired by space travel, imagining what sartorial women would wear on a journey to Mercury. The collection used black, blue, orange, red and golden shades representing the colour of the planet with floral details to tone it down. It is an Indo-western collection with classic handwork and creative draping work with the garments.

Gen-Next designer Lori Strang presented a collection of bridal gowns featuring the use of Karbi traditional attire and fabrics.

Nut Kachari presented a cocktail collection based on Indian handloom and handmade fabrics.

Student designers from INIFD Guwahati Kanika Agarwal, Poonam Barman and Tara Thapa presented the Garnier White Complete Theme Collection, a carefully curated collection designed to represent the attributes that the brand Garnier White Complete stands for.

Designer Santasree Mallik Bhuyan from Haansini presented the Finale Collection at Garnier White Complete Fashion Weekend. The collection aimed to present fashion for the masses which included Ethnic, Cocktail & English attires; the designer informed that the base idea was to provide designer products at affordable rates.

Pankaj Sharma, General Manager of Garnier, said, “The youth across regions love Garnier as a brand, and have time and again shown their affection towards our product offerings. The brand has played a significant role in influencing youth beauty trends, encouraging natural yet efficacious skin and hair care. Garnier White Complete Fashion Weekend seamlessly marries fashion and beauty through this association. We aim to encourage and support young talent in this fashion forward market and are confident that our initiatives will boost deserving designers and models, helping them to shine in their region.”

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